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Laughter is the best medicine and it looks like the Bollywood industry has taken this thought seriously. Today, the Bollywood industry is flooding with impeccable actors and comedians who can spontaneously develop a comic environment with a blend of voice, language, tone, and comic content.

Comedy films have been an indispensable part of Indian cinema from the beginning of its 100 years history. These films have evolved through different forms like satire, slapstick, farce, situational comedy, and dark comedies and in recent times successfully entered the billion-dollar box-office club in its ‘Bollywoodized’ avatar.
Today, there has been a paradigm shift in the Bollywood comedy genre. You can notice the evolution of the storyline with the inclusion of adult puns, jolly and cartonic expressions, variations in the music selection, background, and most importantly, the character in person.
Yes, comedy movies are a great way to give some life to people.

Comedy as a therapy for despair

Every gravest problem doesn’t have viable solutions. But for the alleviation of every gravest problem, there are comic content movies that can ease your mood. It can drastically turn on your mod and make you go ROFL! This often helps you to relieve stress and brings you back into the fun-loving zone.

Boost your mental health

Have you ever kept your popcorn aside just to clap loudly for a funny dialogue?
Comedy scripts make you forget your grief and completely engrossed you in the storyline. It releases oxytocin and boosts your endorphins – strengthening your mental health at par. Comedy movies not only enhance your mental health but empower you with unlimited strength and courage.

Burn calories effortlessly

When the comedy genre humorously exaggerates the language, action, characters, and situation, it makes people emphasize the humor. And yes, that certainly burns your calories. With no workout and more fun, you can burn calories just by watching comedy movies.

Bollywood is flourishing at a breakneck. It is contributing significantly to adding fun elements to every movie with a splash of comedy, action, masala content, and character.
Runway Entertainment is all set to shoot a marvelous film with a tinge of a comical storyline. Stay tuned to check on newer updates.


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